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My third (after #000, #001) Klon Centaur Clone and an excellent low, mid gain drive/boost. Treble control provides great tone-shaping ability. Lots of volume boost to be had as well. Doesn't take long to understand why this is such a sought after circuit - and it's not a simple one, I can tell you. 

This one is next level over my previous versions - vintage style, cloth-wrapped, pull-back wiring throughout the inside. It took a lot more time, but it looks sooo good. Win.

I made this one almost a year ago and it has sat in my studio unused (apart from testing it) since. Just hated to part with it, honestly - but it's time.

And come on, that looks so awesome.

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Cloth-wrapped, pull-back wiring througout

Vintage-style Fender amp knobs

True-Bypass Circuit

Standard 2.1mm Boss style power jack, negative tip

9 volt DC operation only

Surf Green enclosure

Clear-coated, hand cut vinyl artwork