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Welcome to the Grizzly Bay! profile1.jpg

My name is John Williams and this is the online home of Grizzly Bay, where I spin a lathe making unique, hand-made tools for humans. 

My primary products at the moment are wet-shaving brushes and conductor batons. 

I'm an engineer by day, but have always had an artsy, musical bend. A fascination with form and function was inevitable. Creation, a must. 

Click the tabs above to read more about my products and follow me on Instagram for regular updates/info. Rock on. @grizzly_bay


Why are there no products on the site?

In an amazon-age, this can be disorienting, but my store is often empty.

Each product sold on this site is hand-made here in the Bay. I spend a week or more preparing materials and turning items to sell here. When I list new products, they are typically gone in hours, sometimes minutes. I package, ship, head back into the shop, and the cycle starts again. The result - 6 days out of the week, the shop may be empty. I haven't shut down or abandoned my site, it's just empty. 

When are products released to the site?

My established "drop time" for brushes is Friday at 5:00PM Central Time. I am now releasing the weekly baton production at the same time - Friday at 5:00PM Central - as well. So, if you're looking to score a Grizzly Bay product, that's the time to hit the site. 

How can I be notified of product drops or see what's coming?

I'm best about notifying on Instagram @grizzly_bay and/or @grizzlybaybatons and can be found on Facebook as well. I regularly post upcoming items and any relevant news.

Where do I place an order when the shop is empty?

You can send me an email (see "Contact John" tab above), but I don't often take orders. If you're interested in a custom item, see the "Custom Work" tab above, but my production is usually at capacity and that doesn't leave much room for the extra time demands of custom orders. If you are a vendor of some sort looking to deal my products, feel free to contact me, but I haven't come across any offers that work for me yet - I'm direct to customer.