KaoticMasterpiece - ChubCubXXL - V17 Combo

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I've got another piece of incredible material from the man at KaoticArtworks. It's wild.

This one is just remarkable. So many details and all the niceties worked into this VERY oversized ChubCub Cut.

The bulk of the grip is the vibrant, punchy shock of orange Padouk. The brush is topped by a blackwood ferrule that is seperated from the base by a band of guitar pickguard material from Pickguardian - silver sparkle.

Massive Grizzly Flutes add that mechanical interest.

But let's get to what makes this one such a limited item - that base. No coin... for obvious reasons. This "Brain Folds" acrylic masterpiece from KaoticArtworks totally makes this brush a truly special piece.

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26mm V17 Fanchurian knot




ChubCubXXL Cut - it's big.

No coin