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Custom Work

I'm defining "Custom Work" as anything built specifically for a particular customer - an item not released to the shop and/or in a drop.

I get many, many requests for custom work, and they come at me through all means of contact - Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, email, website, personal accounts, etc... Some are easily done; some are not. It's a lot to keep up with either way.

Being a one-man, part-time operation, this can quickly become overwhelming; and while I want to serve as many customers as possible, my small operation simply can't keep up with so many custom requests. Even the time spent messaging back and forth with a potential client is time I could spend turning brushes/batons for an upcoming drop. 

As a result, I do not advertise Grizzly Bay as a full-on "Custom" maker. My operation is not set-up for that business model right now. I may advise you to contact other makers who specialize in this.

Any custom work I do take on should expect additional fees (compared to similar items regularly released to the website or Etsy store). The fee for a custom order may be up to $30, in addition to the usual price of a similar item. A deposit may also be required (refundable or not, depending on the product). All will be agreed on before I start, and I usually like to finish the product for the client's approval before taking payment (again, depending on the sort of work).

If you do request a custom item, please understand that I may not be able to accommodate your request. This may be due to a lack of requested materials, time constraints, focus on other projects, any combination of these, or issues that I can't presently foresee. "Sorry, I'm not taking on any custom work right now," may happen.

My day-to-day priorities will be the 5:00PM Central Friday brush drops and the occasional baton batch, as they are my primary business at this time.

Thank you for your understanding and interest in the Grizzly Bay.