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#3202 - TheRemix

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After many requests, I have decided to make a few copies of the stunner that was #3200. Same mix, same dimensions - the only difference is the coin. These copies have a modern Grizzly Coin, rather than the classic to differentiate them.
This brush contains gold flake in its dark bookends, rather than the silver in the original #3200, but then there's all that silver flake in the incredible blue. That's awesome.
3,200 brushes... that's something worth celebrating.
A deep water metallic blue with good movement, bookended by metallic darkness littered with silver flake. The Century Base and Deluxe ferrule bands finish this milestone of a brush nicely. 

Add a knot for FREE Shipping in the US.

Bored for a 26mm knot

3-Piece Construction

Deluxe Ferrule Treatment

Classic Cut w/Century Base

Silver Grizzly Coin