Single Baton Case - Dark Finish

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Shortly after making my very first Grizzly Bay baton, I began receiving inquiries about cases. This has been a long time coming, but I'm glad to finally present my first batch of Grizzly Bay baton display/presentation cases. 

These are made from raw Red Oak boards right here in America - right here in the Bay, actually. The red oak has a strong grain visible through this dark, hand-applied stain - giving the case a very natural look and feel. 

Hidden hinges heighten this natural, raw look. When closed, they look like a block of neatly carved wood. Only the prism-cut Grizzly logo on the top gives away its identity. This is not like anyone else's case.

Inside is a precision cut resting place for a conductor's instrument. As Grizzly Bay batons are hand-turned and each is totally unique, much care was taken in choosing dimensions, resulting in a case that will accommodate virtually all batons made by Grizzly Bay (carbon or wooden shaft models) or many other makers. See full dimensions below.

A Grizzly Bay coin is cut into the lid, giving a further indication of this case's origins. It's a Grizzly Bay - start to finish.

Optional grip-pocket lining included

Maximum Baton Dimensions: 

- Grip length of up to 3" long and 1.1" diameter

- Shaft diameter of up to 0.25" 

- Overall length of up to 16.5"

Overall Case Dimensions:

- 17" x 2" x 1.4"